bcp extranet

extranet info

NOTICE:  As of 1/21/05, the address to connect remotely to the BCP Campus Network has changed.

  • If you've already followed the steps in section 1 below, simply delete the icon you placed on your desktop and repeat steps 1-4 as required. 
  • If you are in the habit of using option 2, the page has been updated with our new address and you can just click away as you normally do.
  • If you are a Mac person, you'll need to change the connection from the old "" to "remote.bcp.org".
  • Keep in mind, http://webmail.bcp.org still gets you your email.

There are (3) ways to connect to the extranet:

1) The "Recommended" Way
  1. Download and install this software. (~3.3MB)
    ** note:  If you have Windows XP installed, skip step 1 and move to step 2!
  2. Right-Click on one of the below links (in step 3) and save them to your desktop.
  3. Click here for slower connections and here for faster connections.
  4. Run the saved file from your desktop to connect.
2) The "Quick & Dirty" Way
  1. Go to this page.
  2. When asked, say "Yes" to install the software. (~300KB)
  3. Choose your screen size and hit connect.
3) The "Macintosh" Way
  1. Refer to this website and download the client software.
  2. Create a connection to "remote.bcp.org"