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Algebra 2 Honors Semester Grade Calculation

Semester Grade Components

Component of Grade % of Total Grade Description
Homework 15% Daily homework assignments are due at the beginning if each class period.  Late homework will not be accepted. 
Exams &Quizzes 70% There will be approximately 4-6 exams and several quizzes  per semester.  Each exam is worth 100 points and each quiz is worth 50 points.  All quizzes and exams will be announced in advance.  An exam typically covers a chapter of material from the textbook, while a quiz will typically cover 2-3 sections within a chapter. (e.g. 4.1-4.3). 
Final Exam 15% The final exam will include all material covered in the semester.

Grading Scale

Grading Scale
A+ 97-100%   A 93-96%   A- 90-92%
B+ 87-89%   B 83-86%   B- 80-82%
C+ 77-79%   C 73-76%   C- 70-72%
D+ 67-69%   D 63-66%   D- 60-62%
F 0-59%