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Math Careers

The Math Careers page contains links to documents and web sites that will give you a sampling of the wide variety of career opportunities available to someone with analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills--just the type of skills we're developing in this course. These examples will also give you an idea of how math is used today in the real world! I post things as I come across them so take a moment to browse through what's here and check back later to see what's new.

Category Item Description
Engineering Careers Discover Engineering Web site that describes the various types of engineering disciplines (e.g. computer, electrical, mechanical, civil, etc) and the work that engineers in each discipline typically do.
Engineering Careers Walt Disney Imagineering A brief description of the role engineers play in designing the rides and attractions at the Disney Theme Parks.
Math-Related Careers We Use Math A web site that describes how math is used in a wide variety of careers, and illustrates the connection between those careers and your math classes.