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Math in Action: Innovations Changing the World

The Math in Action page will contain examples of  current innovations that depend on an understanding of math.  The "big idea" in each example may or may not be mathematical in nature, but its implementation requires math.  The innovators and entrepreneurs featured here have a variety of backgrounds but they are all using their creativity and analytical skills to solve real-world problems--and in most cases, turn a profit as well.  Imagine yourself as an innovator in a field that interests you.  The math knowledge and problem-solving skills you're developing now will take you there.  What would yo8u like to create?  What problems would you like to solve?

Item Description
Super Trucks An engineer who designs cooling systems for supercomputers is using his know-how to design trucks that are more aerodynamic--potentially saving the shipping industry $24 billion a year, and reducing diesel fuel consumption by 6 billion gallons per year!
Computers you can eat?! An engineer-turned-entrepreneur is developing ingestible computer chips that can be embedded in pills, turning them into "networked, digital drugs."  The pills could help monitor patients' status through a blue tooth connection to a smart phone!
More to come! Stay tuned!  I will post more examples as I come across them.   If you have any suggestions for postings on this page, please let me know!