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Math and Personal Finance

The Math and Personal Finance page contains examples of how math is used in real-world applications like investing (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds), managing a personal budget, avoiding credit card pitfalls, etc. A solid understanding of math and good problem solving skills (both of which we're developing in this course!) will help you make sound financial decisions from now through college, and adulthood. Knowing math can really make a difference in your financial well-being, and the earlier you become financially literate the better. Take a moment to browse through what's here and check back later to see what's new.

Category Item Description
Calculating Compound Interest (Credit Cards and Investing) Article: "If You Don't Know the Math, You'll End up Taking a Bath" (Wall Street Journal) Understanding the math behind exponential growth is key to maximizing investment returns and minimizing credit card pain.  Do the math and make exponential growth work for you and not against you!
Personal Finance for Teens A web site devoted to explaining the ins and outs of personal finance, particularly for teens.  Includes tips for saving, explanations of credit cards, various types of investments, etc.