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Calculus AB

The following are excellent sites, they'll make you jump for joy. 

They are blazing hot.  

If you feel a little phobe about Calculus, go to Tutorials for the Calculus phobeA great site that uses flash animations to show the ideas behind calculus.

Check out Math Forum , and S.O.S.    Dr Math can help you with any questions you have.

The University of Akron  has actual Calculus quizzes, CHECK THEM OUT, THEY CAN HELP YOU PREPARE FOR Mr. Mo's tests. 

 Another site to help you prepare for tests, it has examples not showing the 

solutions until you click the indicated icons, is Visual Calculus .

See explanation of  EULER'S METHOD.  

For excellent (animated) graphical interpretation of Calculus check out the following sites:

We will use these sites in class to interpret and analyze Mathematics:

PSU, and MathCAD  animation

For excellent preparation to Free response questions for the AP exam go to COLLEGE BOARD ONLINE.

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