Bellarmine Immersion & SOA/WHINSEC Watch

Dear Friends: 

      The two sites listed here are intended to draw attention to and to inform visitors of the conditions of the poor in Latin America.  Mexico, Central America and South America are regions with longstanding economic, political and military ties to the United States.  For the poor of Latin America, their relationship to the United States, especially to U. S. corporations, has been a mixed blessing at best.  The poor are frequently victims of marginalization, political repression, and violence that many feel is systemic and purposeful.  It is our responsibility to understand our connection to their suffering and advocate for changes that would improve their daily reality.

El Salvador Immersion Trip

School of Americas Watch-San Jose:   Click Here

Bellarmine Immersion Program to Latin America:  Click Here

Guaymas:  Meson de Jesus Soup Kitchen 2004

These sites are dedicated to raising our awareness of the daily reality of our brothers and sisters in Latin America.  It is my hope that with this increasing awareness, that we dedicate ourselves to changing the policies and programs that deny the people of Latin America of their basic human needs and their dignity.

In peace and solidarity,

Larry Lauro

Bellarmine College Preparatory, Immersion Program Coordinator

SOA/WHINSEC Watch San Jose