Tijuana 2001

April 12-April 18, 2001

Adult Leaders: Barbara Simmons; Casey McCullough; Chris Carey; Ryan O'Malley; Frank Fangor; Chris "Lobo" Wolf; Shannon Nessier; Jessie Gomez; Bill Zillman; Abe Andrade, Sr.; Rudy Gallo.

Student Leaders:  David Leive; Dan Murphy; Kevin Moul; Benjamin Readler; Matthew Tuttle; Sean Mendy; Joe Gentzkow; Matt Zillman; Charles Leone.

Student Workers: Hagan O'Comnor; McKenzie Plank; Ted Couch; Daniel Valcazar; Kevin Shull; Kevin Bince; Dan Sheitrum; Chris McGuire; Charley Smith; Patrick Shukait; James Rozzi; Matt Mahan; Abe Andrade; Chris Bensch; Tim Chiu; Brett Yoshihara; Garrett Burrows; John Readler; Chris Fajardo; Brian Yim; Geronimo Desumala; Adrian Frandle; Vince Lazalde; Sameer Lawani; Thomas Crowley; Anthony Cunanan; Michael Winnikie; Chris Stanley; Jeff Wong; Paul Baker; Chris Munoz; Chris Tsobanakis; Carlos Jimenez; Kris Tan; Anthone Jackson; Ben Guthrie; Kenneth Finn; Andy Ferng; Jon Lee; Sean Prendergast; Colin Hector; Ben Kavanaugh.  

 Kevin Shull and Rudy Gallo BBQ

Reaching the boarder


Thomas Crowley gets comfortable on the packed up sleeping bags






Circling up around the Campfire                                                            One work group at Family Night

Bill Zillman and Chris Carey sort out some problems  


Most students quickly learn that the kids are the best part of this trip:



Joe Gentzkow makes a friend

    A new friend takes a break 

Tuttle; B. Readler; J. Readler; Jimenez; Mahan; Andrade; O'Connor  


Another two work groups at Family Night


Shannon Nessier and Daniel Murphy avoid mistakes                                                                                                                                   

     Nessier; McGuire; O'Malley; O'Connor 





Mahan; Andrade; Leone                                                               Shannon Nessier and trip Guru Howard Major







Tijuana by Day and by Night



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