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Mon 10/22: all at BCP; Mile time trial!!!

Tue 10/23: Per sign-ups at Monday's practice, Ricci/Claver to Alum Rock (practice done by 5, bus back to BCP by 5:30); Claver/deMello to Rancho (practice done by 5, bus back to BCCP by 5:45); all others at BCP, practice done at 5

Wed 10/24: Per sign ups at Monday's practice, Ricci/Claver to Rancho (practcie done by 5:15, bus back to BCP by 6); Claver/deMello to Los Gatos (practice done at the LG High School track by 5, bus back to BCP by 5:30); all others at BCP practice done by 5

Thu 10/25: Per sign-ups at Tue/Wed practice, deMello/Dewanto at Alum Rock, practice done by 5, bus back to BCP by 5:30; all others at BCP practice done by 5

Fri 10/26: All at BCP, practice done by 3:30

Sat 10/27: PRACTICE AT BCP FOR ALL 9:00 am; done by 11:00

Mon 10/29: PRACTICE AT BCP FOR ALL AT 2:00 for all; done by 4:00


Wed 10/31: All Hallow's Eve, WCAL III CHAMPIONSHIPS AT CRYSTAL SPRINGS Buses leave as follows: Juniors and Seniors leave at the start of lunch, sophs and frosh after 3rd period. Race times: JV 2:00, Varsity 2:50, Soph 3:40, Frosh 4:30



 FALL 2012 SAT INFO: If you plan on taking SAT's this Fall, make sure you sign up for the October 6th date, because we will be running at a night meet outside Sacramento that night, and the buses will leave BCP right after the SAT finishes.

2012 Schedule thumbnail

9/8: Earlybird Invite, Toro Park, Salinas

9/15: Lowell Invite, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

9/29: Stanford Invite + Ram Invite (Stanford golf course + Westmoor HS Daly City)

10/3: WCAL I, Golden Gate Park

10/6: Del Oro Invite, Loomis CA at night! (NOTE: TAKE THE SAT THIS DAY!)

10/13: Crystal Springs Invite, Crystal Springs

10/17: WCAL II, TBD

10/31: WCAL III, Crystal Springs

11/10: CCS, Toro Park

11/24: State Championships, Woodard Park, Fresno

Buy your shoes at The Running Revolution, (511 E. Campbell Ave., just west of Highway 17, between the freeway and downtown Campbell, but unfortunately there is no Campbell Ave. exit; you must exit at Hamilton and make your way over to Campbell Ave.) You will receive a 10% discount on trainers, and 20% on other items: watches, running apparel, etc. Plus, Tim and Chris Schennone (BCP grads!) and their excellent staff will give you expert advice as to which make and model of shoe will suit your running style. See you there! Freshman families: an excellent opportunity to secure appropriate footwear.

RACE DAY PREPARATIONS: First, you want to pack your bag the night before, to avoid scrambling around early Saturday morning, or worse forgetting something. You should include:

·         training shoes and racers, if you have them

·         extra socks

·         uniform

·         Bell Cross Country T-Shirt (if you have one)

·         a light jacket and/or sweats-sweat suit

·         a hat

·         sun screen

·         plenty of water

·         food and/or money for food if you will not be bringing enough food

·         homework, book to read, headphones/CD player, whatever you will use to relax, decompress, or whatever you will do before (and even after) your race, while you are waiting, on the do not want to be up on your feet, wasting physical and mental energy!

·         cell phone, if applicable

·         some toilet paper, because sometimes the portable toilets run out

·         Something to sit/lie on, like a blanket

Then, you need to get plenty of sleep the night before.  You need to wake up in enough time to arrive at BCP ON TIME for the bus, or else your parents will be driving you to the meet. A good rule of thumb for eating before your race is that you should not eat anything other than power bar-type items for at least two hours prior to your race.  Your race day meal should include carbohydrates like bagels, fruit--especially bananas--and liquids.  Power bar-type 'energy' products, and smoothies, are also excellent pre-race foods. Protein is fine in the form of eggs especially, but meat and dairy take longer to digest and produce more gasses etc. in the system, which can cause problems during your race. Once you arrive at the meet, the coaches will direct you as to what we will be doing on that particular day.

Some distances for the bridges run: from the track to 1st bridge=.92 miles; 2nd bridge=1.32; 3rd bridge 1.60; 4th bridge=2.44; 5th bridge 2.83...thanks to the awesome new watch I received as a gift from the team!!!

And now some distances on St. Joseph's Hill: From the gate at the Los Gatos HS track to the Jones trail gate=1 mile; to the St. Joe's trail=1.73 miles; from the St. Joe's trail turn off to the top of St. Joe's by the shorter, steeper route=.9 miles; to the top of St. Joe's by the longer, less steep route=1.35; total St. Joe's loop=2.25 miles; St. Joe's trail turn off to top of the dam=.62; from the top of the dam to the LG HS track gate=2.14; round trip, LG HS track to the top of St. Joe's and back down the dam to the track=6.75 miles! More LG distances: From LG track gate to 2 mile marker on the bike trail: .47 miles; to the Vasona Reservoir dam: round trip Vasona dam is 5.33 and mile marker 4.5 is 5.94 miles.

RANCHO SAN ANTONIO DISTANCES: From the wooden bridge at the equestrian lot: to the gate at the barn: 1.36 miles; to the bottom of 'mile hill': 2.90; to the top of 'mile hill': 3.83 (So, mile hill is really .93 mile hill!); to the turn at the end of Wildcat Canyon: 4.73; down Wildcat back to the barn: 6.27 (wildcat loop from barn to top of 'mile hill': 2.44); back to equestrian lot bridge (full loop): 7.62.  So, top of (.93) mile hill is just a smidge over half way. Tempo distances: from bottom of mile hill to the barn gate: 1.55 miles (9:18=6 minute pace) to the tennis courts: 2.3 miles (13:46=6 minute pace). MORE RANCHO: Equestrian bridge to Power Polls cut off to Wildcat Canyon: 2.02 miles; to Wildcat Canyon Trail: 2.12; to Coyote Trail-Wildcat Trail junction (by the barn): 2.62...Coyote Trail from equestrian lot bridge to Wildcat junction: 1.6 miles. Round trip equestrian lot bridge, 1st leg Power Polls, Wildcat down to Coyote, Coyote to equestrian lot: 4.02 miles.

ALUM ROCK DISTANCES: Parking lot to stretching grass/bathrooms: 1.5 miles; to base of switchbacks (3 logs across trail): 2.5 miles; to top of switchbacks (the bench): 3.51 miles; all the way back by way of South Rim trail/middle road: 6.83. So, top of switchbacks and back is exactly 7.02 miles.

Summer Running Guide! Read it, love it!

June theme: Slow ramp up.

Depending on fitness, start with a round number: 20 minutes for beginners, 30 minutes for out of shape veterans, 40 minutes for ‘in shape’ veterans.

New runners: Every other day for the whole month (3 weeks); first 5 running days, 20 minutes; next 5 running days, 30 minutes. VERY IMPORTANT: slow 5 minute warm up, and stretching before and especially after each run. Slowly add hills to runs after runner feels he can run 30 minutes at a comfortable pace. Mile pace should start at whatever pace is comfortable, but by the end of the month runners should be at 8 minute per mile pace as the slowest base line.

All runners: Do a  core workout 5 days a week, all summer. Start easily: 2x15 push ups, 3x25 crunches. Slowly build up, adding another set each week until by the end of June, each athlete is doing 4x15 push ups, 5x25 crunches.

July: Mileage month. After four weeks of running, stretching, and core work, it is time to begin adding mileage. If a runner has not already added more running days, then it is time to move up to 5 times a week. New runners should pick 2 days each week when they will not run, and plan their other five days accordingly.

New runners: A model five day week would look something like this: Monday 40 minutes, Tuesday 30 minutes, Wednesday 40 minutes in the hills, Thursday 30 minutes, Friday off, Saturday 45 minutes with hills, Sunday off. At 7-8 minutes per mile, that would be 24-25 miles a week, which should be the target for July. By the end of July, a runner should be ready to move up to 30-40 miles.

Veterans: Follow the above plan, but increase time/distance accordingly. At the end of July, 40 miles should be the weekly total. Another option: Add a 6th  day, which should be an easy day. By the end of July, 40 miles should be comfortable for a 5 or 6 day running week. Remember to alternate easy and hard days. Another option: keep a five day week, but make your last run of the week (Saturday or Sunday) a long run, up to 20-25% of the weekly total.

August: Long runs. After ~2 months of running, and before beginning tempo/speed work, it is time to challenge the body with some long runs, and long runs in the hills. Keep the same schedule as July, but now add one long run a week. If you are running 40 mile weeks, then your last run should be a ten miler, and if possible add hills to the run. New runners: By now, 30 miles should be a comfortable 5 or 6 day weekly mileage total. In August, make one run a week a long 8 mile run.

WCAL II: Fantastic job by all 4 teams.  I have been coaching High School sports (football, soccer, cross country, track, even a year helping with basketball and one season of Middle School baseball!) for 25 years, and rarely have I been as proud of a team as I was of the JV team at WCAL II. They knew they had to step up and compete, putting their absolute best performance on the course if they were to have any chance. If you weren't there, then you missed as gutsy a performance as we've see in BCP XC.  Sean Yamagiwa grabbed the race and didn't let go, breaking away from the lead pack with a mile to go, charging up the long hill and cruising in to his first race victory. Best race of the season for AJ Killoran (3rd place) and best race of his career for Kevin Baum!!!  So many other fantastic performances, but the team scored a superb 25 points in winning!

Why was it such a big deal? Because the usual top 7 JVers were running Varsity so we could rest our top 7 ahead of the prestigious Mt SAC Invite.  And our sub-Varsity ran incredibly well, just falling to a strong SI squad 53-61. Senior Sanmay Jain ran the 12th fastest time in course history, and 4th fastest BCP time ever! With only  a week to go, the final Varsity spots are still undecided, and this group of runners will be right in the mix!!!

The Sophs executed classic pack running in their dominating victory, scoring 20 points to vanquish the field...with their #1 man Ray Meijer running Varsity!!  Marshall Seid pulled away from Ken Saxton (coming back from an injury) and Austin Thornburg to win his first career race, with Ken and Austin coming in 2nd and 3rd while Akshay Alahgatta continued his superb season, finishing fifth!  Super improved Austen  Christensen, Taylor Calderon and Joe Smith rounded out the Top 7.

The frosh made up for the disaster of WCAL I by throwing down a big win. The freshman level is the most competitive in the League, with four strong teams and a host of tough runners...but none tougher than Joseph Diaz, who pulled away from a fine St. Francis runner at the 2 mile mark and flew to a huge win, tying the freshman course record in the process! Behind him, Garret Jones, Ramon Gomez, and Markus Guegler were powering their way to top ten finishes, and they were followed by a huge pack of mighty Bells: Emilio Flamenco, David Dalton, Isaac Madrid, Matt Seidel, Jeff Hara, Finn Pounds, and Brandon Toy, just to name a few.  But that was only part of the story: while the top runners were scoring 30 points for a great victory, their teammates were racing with gusto behind them. Every frosh runner who came surging down the long last ess curve was striving to beat as many of their rivals as they could...and beat them they did!!!  What great day for the BELLS!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now is the time to get out on the South Bay trails, for innumerable reasons...for instance: this morning from the first leg of power polls, I was able to easily distinguish the Transamerica Building in downtown San Francisco, as well as see the tip top of the Golden Gate Bridge against the Marin Headlands! The air quality is amazing, the trails are soft but not too muddy, and the wildlife is out in abundance. And you never know what might on the first leg of power polls, I came around a bend and met a Hindu brahmin priest. He was hiking power polls IN BARE FEET! and full saffron robes, chanting prayers to bless "all the creatures on the mountain." I bent over with my hands in the prayer position and said, "Namaste", the Hindu holy greeting, which he offered back with many other Sanskrit prayers. We then spoke a bit, and I mentioned that the team uses power polls for really big runs, and he told me he would bless us as we've got that going for us, which is nice!

Black Mountain Run: A Christmas Adventure! 18 brave souls (2 coaches, 2 parents, 1 alum, and 13 students) scaled the ridges and steep slopes of Black Mountain on Wednesday, December 21. The 7 mile run turned into 8.5 miles when coaches Nevle and McCrystle found the top gate to the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve locked!, which necessitated an extra 1.5 mile finishing leg (luckily downhill.) Stupidly, coach McCrystle decided to park the vans inside the gates of a vineyard at the very top of Monte Bello Road. Of course, after the whole gang had finished the monstrous 2400 feet vertical ascent, seen the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, run the extra 1.5 miles over ice puddles (it had to be below freezing by the time we got off the mountain...there was a lot of ice on top!), we returned to find the vans locked behind the vineyard gates! Thanks to God, Rodrigo the night watchman was there to let us out (a Christmas miracle?)...and we made our merry way down the side of the mountain, enjoying Christmas treats and the van heaters! All told, we saw one fox, coyotes, bobcats, innumerable deer and lots of moss...a truly great start to the Holidays...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!

2007 Awards


Billy Schmidt: Kyle
Terry Ward Award (MVR): Dalton Guthrie
Most Inspirational:
Top Senior: Andrew Fabian
Most Improved:

Junior Varsity

Most Valuable: Bryan Finney
Most Inspirational:
Most Improved:



2006 Awards


Billy Schmidt: Kyle Tuttle
Terry Ward Award (MVR): Eric Baum
Most Inspirational: Deven Carroll
Top Senior: Chris Partin
Most Improved: Andrew Tapia


Most Valuable: Andrew Fabian
Most Inspirational: Kyle Hillebrecht
Most Improved: Bryan Finney
Top 7 Leader: Eric Sumner


Most Valuable: Ben Kelly
Most Inspirational: Erik Anderson
and Brandon Siko
Most Improved: Marcos Hinojosa
Top 7 Leader: Lawrence Smith


Most Valuable: Matt Richards
Most Inspirational: Dalton Guthrie
Most Improved: Andrew Yang 



 Most Inspirational: Andrew Willis

   Most Improved: Eric Baum

Top Seniors: Colby Moore and Andrew Harada

    Most Valuable Runner (Terry Ward Award): Matt Bejar

    Billy Schmidt : Kyle Wulff

Junior Varsity

Most Inspirational: Vince Leung

Most Improved: Sean Semeniuk

Top 7 Leadership: Deven Carroll

MVP: Kyle Tuttle


Most Inspirational: Kyle Hillebrecht

Most Improved: Sam Alexander

Top 7 Leadership: Eric Sumner

MVP: Andrew Fabian


Most Inspirational: Brandon Siko

Most Improved: Erik Anderson

Top 7  Leadership: Conor Sullivan and Lawrence Smith

MVP: Benjamin Kelly


                                 Most Inspirational: Dennis Krouse

                                Most Improved: Colby Moore

                                Top Senior: Tyler Clayton

                                Most Valuable Runner: Matt Bejar

                                Billy Schmidt : Danny Schmidt

SHIN SPLINT PREVENTION! The following website is a great article detailing shin strengthening exercises that can eliminate or reduce shin splint problems:

ATTENTION PARENTS: You are all always invited to any practice. You can run with the team, on your own, or walk, etc.

EAT!!!! Post run eating is essential for successful training. Complex carbohydrates (whole grains, in the form of bagels or rolls or whole grain pasta) and proteins (in the form of almonds, hazel nuts, and cashews), as well as fluids and anything that supplies zinc (oysters, red meat, shellfish, ginger, the above mentioned nuts) are all super important for recovery from long runs, hard runs, or any intense activity. Keep some trail mix and bagels in the car and eat up when the run, and post-work out stretch, are over.

The following link is an article from the SF Chronicle (from a while ago) which explains the idea of 'Super Foods', something every distance runner---and really every human!---should be interested in:

MAKE YOUR OWN ENERGY BARS AND ENERGY DRINK! Go to,5033,s6-53-88-0-9813,00.html and find 2 cool recipes. I made them both, and they were great!

Early Season aches, pains, and sniffles: Many parents may be hearing about shin splints, sore knees, trouble breathing, etc., as the season begins its middle phase. In some cases, these complaints are the signs of real injuries or asthma-like conditions which need to be addressed by our training staff and/or your family physician. In most cases, they are the signs of...getting in shape.  Cross Country is not an easy sport, despite whatever reputation it may have. If your son did not train consistently over the summer, then his body is responding to a new physical regimen which initially is truly a 'shock to the system.' The best way to overcome this situation is to build up leg strength and train consistently. Also, it is imperative that runners consume large quantities of water every day, eat a well-balanced diet high in complex carbohydrates and all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to recover daily from training and to boost the immune system, and lastly to get plenty of sleep. Encouragement also helps tremendously!

ALL PARENTS!!!!  We will be using this webpage for communication throughout the year; I intend to update it daily. If you should have any questions, please e-mail me at  Also, you may contact other coaches at,, or  

Here are a few important early season notices:

Gear: All runners need running shoes and athletic shorts. Running shorts, soccer shorts, and even basketball-style shorts are acceptable; no shorts with pockets.  All this gear can be purchased with a 15% discount at The Running Revolution (see info above.)  The coaching staff STRONGLY SUGGESTS acquiring a running watch, to be utilized during all workouts.

Practices: All team members must attend all practices, which occur Mon-Sat on weeks without meets, Mon-Fri on weeks with a Saturday meet. So that student-athletes can participate in as many co-curriculars as possible, Cross Country holds three optional weekly practices before school, generally on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. WHENEVER POSSIBLE, please schedule appointments for those days and have your son attend the before school practice.


Contact Info: --please insert contact info-- 2004 Bellarmine College Prep